Welcome to Petersen Firearms Instruction, LLC - Northwest Iowa’s Premier Firearms Trainer.

PFI is owned and operated by Jason Petersen and Tony Petersen and based in Milford, Iowa. Our goal is to provide the best firearms training available. We do this by continually educating ourselves and training to be the best firearms instructors we can be.

PFI classes focus on concealed carry and defensive firearms. We are certified instructors for concealed carry in the States of Iowa, Minnesota and Utah.  PFI courses are recognized by Arizona, Florida and other states.  Our range classes are held in a one day format and offer the student the opportunity to learn the skills needed to defend yourself or a loved one in an armed defensive situation. All courses are held in a comfortable classroom setting.Range courses begin in the classroom and the range portion is held at our private facility.

Safety is the foremost priority in all classes. In the classroom and on the range all firearm safety rules are strictly adhered to. We believe this is the only way firearms should be handled, carried and used - safely.

Owning a defensive firearm and obtaining a concealed weapons permit are the first steps in a lifelong commitment to personal safety. Formal training is the next logical and ethical step in your personal safety commitment. The general public expects and your loved ones deserve that you are properly trained in the proper way to carry and, if needed, deploy a firearm in a self defense situation.

Whether you are a new firearm owner or have been around firearms for many years, PFI has a course for you. We offer courses in defensive handgun, shotgun and rifle / carbine. Let PFI help you maximize your firearms handling capabilities by attending one of our classes or contact us with your need and we can build a class for you if you have a unique situation. We also offer private instruction.

Note: The instructor training requirements in Iowa were lowered on January 1, 2011.  Be assured our courses and Instructor training far exceed those required.  We encourage you to research your firearms trainer before you choose one, whether you choose us or not.  Our level of training far exceeds the "minimum requirements."  Investigate your trainer's background.  You're asking someone to train you on defending yourself and loved ones.

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates are available in any amount you choose.  Gift certificates are good toward any PFI training course. email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. put "Gift Certificate" in the subject line.